Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Dr Cecilia Psychotherapist


You should review this Privacy Policy frequently to remain familiar with it and any changes we may make to it from time to time. You should immediately cease using our website and services if you do not agree to any statement in this Privacy Policy.

Our sessions are private and confidential and nothing you say will be passed on to others, except in the following situations:

In discussion with another professional or practitioner bound by the same codes of confidentiality; in cases where you give your consent, where there is compulsion to do so by a court of law, where there is an imminent danger of harm to self or others, or in the case of suspected child, elder or dependence abuse. In the unlikely event that I am compelled to disclose information, I will always attempt to consult with you first if this is possible.

I may hold contact data from your initial or subsequent assessments, on paper or electronically, for contact purposes. I reserve the right to take informal notes during any session. These are strictly for own use. On certain occasions at the discretion of myself, Dr Cecilia Lopez, any notes taken may be used with another professional in a supervisory, advisory or consultancy role who is bound by the same codes of confidentiality.

Most session notes are held either electronically or on paper and kept securely when not in use. Data held electronically is on a personal computer and stored locally in a password protected account.  Phone contact details are held on a password protected mobile device.

Appointments and appointment history may be recorded on paper or electronically. Payments details may be stored electronically.  Your records are held for 7 years or as long as is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.

All information will be kept confidential unless client and therapist agree to discuss something with a third party such as a healthcare provider. In such cases, a consent form may be used. In the event of being unable to contact you, a trusted person may acquire access to my client list and such person will contact you directly.  This is to be understood as a professional requirement. If I experience any data breaches, I will inform you as soon as possible.

This site is exclusively intended for adults over eighteen (18) years of age. We never collect or maintain information from any individuals we know to be under the age of eighteen (18) and no content on this site is written or designed to attract viewers below that age limit. By using this site and our services, you indicate that you meet or are above the required age limit.

We do not store any credit card or account information for payments made for any counseling or psychotherapy sessions after a payment has cleared, however we cannot be held responsible for such information kept by third party payment providers. It is your responsibility to always use a trusted payment provider. At times, third party payment providers may offer the option to store your credit card details via their encrypted servers. This is entirely up to you and provides the benefit of expedited invoice payments.

Clients can access a written summary of their records by making a verbal or written request.  A client’s agreement and consent will be sought for the purpose of communication related to their therapy arrangement.

We collect both personal and non-personal information from you in connection with your use of our services. When you choose to share your personal information with us, we only use such information to communicate our responses to any queries or requests made by you.

Unless otherwise required by law, we will retain your personal information only for such period as may be necessary to fulfill the purposes for which such information has been collected, enforce an agreement or resolve any disputes that may arise.

Please note that no transmission of information over the internet is 100% secure. While we review our measures periodically and ensure that we implement safeguards and controls to store and transfer your information and communicate securely, we cannot warrant the security of any information or communication transmitted from or to any internet servers in use.

In connection with your use of our services, we may send your computer or mobile device a cookie that uniquely identifies your browser. A “cookie” is a small file containing your preferences that is sent to your browser and sent back by your browser each time your browser accesses our servers.

Our services may not be appropriate or available for use in certain jurisdictions and we disclaim all representations and warranties to the contrary. If you access our services, you do so on your own initiative and at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for complying with all local laws, rules and regulations. We may limit access to our services, in whole or in part, to any person, geographic area or jurisdiction we choose, at any time and in our sole discretion. By using our services and submitting any personal information, you consent to the possible transfer of such personal information to other countries electronically, which may provide a level of data security different from your country of residence. You are also consenting to the application of United States law in all matters concerning the services provided.