A Skill Building Group to help YOU Manage Anxiety, Anger, Panic or Stress

A Skill Building Group to help YOU Manage Anxiety, Anger, Panic or stress

Do you struggle with anxiety, anger, panic or stress?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself worrying, thinking negatively, over-thinking or struggling to think straight in general?

Do you ever feel physically anxious, agitated, tense or on-edge?

Joining this group is your ticket to learning tools and techniques as well as gaining insight regarding how to restructure your thinking patterns, ground your body (meaning managing the physical responses to emotions) and TAKE CHARGE of how you think, feel and behave.

This is an ONLINE skills building and psychoeducation group that is strength based. This is not a therapy group, as we will be focusing on building skills versus processing. The environment will be warm, welcoming and engaging. Some things you will learn in this group:

  • Methods to identify unhelpful thoughts
  • Methods to create new thinking habits
  • Multiple methods to change the physiological responses associated with uncomfortable emotions
  • What mindfulness is and how to utilize the practice to remain grounded and better manage your mind, body and behaviors

Dr. Lopez has been implementing these techniques with her clients in the South San Francisco Bay Area for nine years, and over the years she have combined traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to develop this program.

The group starts in FALL, 2021. If you are interested please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

Let Dr. Lopez help you take charge of YOU! Space is limited. 🙂


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