EP 25- Prioritizing the Self Through Assertiveness, Self-Care, and Grounding w/ Gilza Fort-Martinez, LMFT

Hi! The episode today was taken from a live Dr. L did with a licensed therapist named Gilza Fort-Martinez, LMFT. Gilza is known as the “tough love healer,” and she assists women with rebuilding themselves after betrayal. She also specializes in life transitions and relationships. In this episode, Dr. L and Gilza discuss what it means to prioritize the Self and avoid Self-betrayal. They discuss assertiveness, boundaries, prioritizing the Self in relationships, and how the use of grounding and CBT can assist with putting yourself first.

On this episode you will also meet Dr. L’s friend, assistant, liaison, coordinator and podcast producer Zyanya Santana (AKA Zy) and learn how they met and what brought them together as friends and colleagues.
Enjoy the episode! And, if you would like to follow or get in touch with Gilza, her instagram handle is @toughlovehealer, and her website is And if you aren’t already following Dr. L you can @drcecilialopez on both tik tok and instagram. Also Please subscribe to this podcast so you may be alerted of new episodes, share it this episode or the podcast, and leave a review. Lastly, For guest bookings or business questions you may contact me, Zy, at, and if you would like therapy services with Cecilia starting October, you may contact Cecilia, and her email is And don’t forget, Dr. L and Zy are both so grateful to share this space with you.