Ep 32 – Using the “Pickle Jar Theory” for Time and Stress Management

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Mindful Living with Dr. Cecilia Lopez. This is Zy, hello!

For today’s episode, Dr. L gives you a quick overview of what is called the “Pickle Jar Theory”. More commonly known as Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix, this technique helps you with time and stress management by helping identify and prioritize different tasks. The matrix is a box divided into four quadrants, which each represents a different way your time is organized based on urgency and importance. Dr. L also teaches this by using the examples of golf balls, marbles, sand, and water.
The four quadrants are:

1. [Golf Balls] Urgent and Important (to me)
2. [Marbles] Not Urgent yet Important
3. [Sand] Urgent but Not Important (to me)
4. [Water] Not Urgent and Not Important

We hope you learn a thing or two and find this episode helpful! I know when I was working with her and she gave a lesson on this, I found it very useful.

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for more info on the matrix theory: