EP 24- You Can Handle Anything In The Moment: Challenging Worries Of The Future & Having Faith In Yourself

Hi! On this episode I discuss the power of believing you can handle stressors in the moment. This episode reviews the following points:

1) You can’t tell the future, and this is a luxury.

2) Being mindful of putting out fires that don’t exist.

3) Having faith that you can handle anything in the moment.

4) Challenge your thoughts (including questions to ask yourself in order to do so).

5) Noticing yourself creating imaginative worries of the future non judgmentally, and bringing yourself back to the present moment.

I will provide another episode with more details on challenging thoughts this month. I hope you found this helpful and I would love if you shared this episode, whether you’re listening on apple podcasts, Spotify or IGTV. If you’r not already following me on tip Tok or IG, my handle is @drcecilialopez on both. You can email me at if you’d like to inquire on therapy, and for business inquiries you can email my coordinator Zy, and her email is