Ep 29- Discussing Self-Love, Body Image & Enjoying the Journey with Petia Kolibova

Hi! Welcome back to another episode of Mindful Living with Dr. Cecilia Lopez. This is Cecilia here, writing to you from rainy Santa Cruz. I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Petia Kolibova for today’s episode. Petia is a women’s transformation coach who helps women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a life that is true to them and their soul purpose. Her mission is to help women who are on the path to healing from past wounds move through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks so they can finally do what they want to do, what feels good to them, and serve other women in a powerful way online.

On this episode we discuss the following themes and topics:

-Self-love and acceptance
-Beauty standards
-Body image
-Petia’s definition of “When Land” and enjoying the journey rather than the destination
-Doing what feels good, and how to decide if you are doing something (such as changing the way we look with makeup) for reasons that are in alignment with YOU rather than outside pressures and standards
-Following intuition and being curious about your automatic thoughts, behaviors and goals

Petia also provides activities for improving self-love and acceptance, and we both share personal stories and experiences that describe our process of following our intuition, being in alignment with our genuine desires, and showing up in the world authentically and from a place of strength. Also, this episode is not just for those who identify as a woman. The content of this episode has the potential to resonate with anyone of any gender identity.

You can find Petia Kolibova on:
Instagram: @petiakolibova
Podcast/Instagram/Youtube/Facebook: unapologeticallyabundant

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Thank you! I am so grateful to share this space with you.
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