EP 22- *Bonus Episode* A Quick Guide To Riding A Craving Or Emotion Wave

Hi! This is a quick guided meditation for riding a crave or emotion wave. What does that mean? If you feel discomfort caused by stress, emotions or a craving and it feels overwhelming or you find yourself using energy to distract from it, then listen to this. It can be hard to sit and actually feel the discomfort of a craving or emotion, but having a guide may help. This 5 minute guide runs you through the tools to actually feel the discomfort. It takes much more energy to avoid/distract from “feeling our feels,” but actually feeling them isn’t very fun either, which is why this quick guide is presented to you, now.

Here is what we do in this short meditation:

-Mindful feeling
-Exercising controlled attention
-Belly breathing
-Mindful listening
-Mindful observation
-Mindful tasting
-Mindful smelling
-Active body relaxation and grounding

Repeat this short meditation as many times as you need. If you found this helpful please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and say hello on IG! 🙂 @drcecilialopez