Ep 30 – Practicing What I Preach: A “Story Time” Episode On Using Coping Tools During Adversity

Hello! In this episode I provide a good ol’ fashion STORY TIME. What makes this story special is that I discuss “practicing what I preach.” I often have the privilege of teaching and practicing the tools and concepts I discuss on the podcast with my clients, but this last weekend OOOOHHH BOY did I have to practice almost everything I teach/practice with my clients, on myself. We were hit hard by a storm in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and between interacting with an intense version of Mother Nature while also experiencing two very odd medical issues, my Sunday was not going well. I give examples of the tools I practiced and review topics from past episodes, including:

-Riding waves

-Bringing yourself into a state of conscious awareness, and practicing mindfulness

-Belly breathing and other breathing techniques (especially to prevent panic attacks)

-Utilizing natural supports

-Radical acceptance and surrender

-Sitting in stillness

-Reframing thoughts (with emphasis on the theme of gratitude)

-Tapping into the “I can handle anything in the moment” attitude

I often say, “You’re human, not a robot,” and I had to remind myself of this often on Sunday, as well as Monday, Tuesday…lol, actually, everyday. I hope sharing my story helps you in some way, whether that be reminding you of tools to use, or simply giving yourself permission to have a bad day.

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